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Indian style of teaching lies in the dominance of textbook use & in our education system we are teaching science like teaching literature & the learning in our system like teacher taught the text elucidating, by asking a children to copy & memorize it & finally by drilling them to answer & memorize questions that were based on it & after some time children’s forget after some time. We are not focusing on Innovation & Research instead we are focusing only on learn theoretically & that causes students not able to prepare themselves for higher education & technical skills

K-12 STEM committed to offering services to Students of India who will lead the world & shape the future of India.


Transforming Attitudes to Learning


‘Yes’ to ‘Why’‘
‘Looking’ to ‘Observing’
‘Passiveness’ to ‘Exploring’
‘Textbook-bound’ to ‘Hands-On’
'Fear’ to ‘Confidence’


K-12 STEM Revolutionize the learning experience of students by offering an Activity Based Learning Program STEM LAB for more detail click here.


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