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Why Us:

  • The field of education in today's environment has become very specialize
  • This requires the services of people knowledgeable with practical experience and educational background.
  • To develop the high standards needed to maintain that competitive edge for the school owners as well as for the maximum development of the Child

It is our advice to Organizations and Individuals who wish to build schools to think and dream, then put their dreams into words and then carve those words into deeds.


Our Offerings

Existing Schools
If you run a school already and aspire to make your school the 'top school of choice in your city’


How we Work-

  • We enter into a contract with the Trust for providing management services and facilities to the school.
  • We will provide end-to-end school administration services, provide teacher training, implement quality management system, school management system, multimedia-based technology in classrooms and other elements of the STEMKids K-12 programme.
  • We will provide an infrastructure up gradation advance to the Trust; from time to time, suggesting in upgrading / improving / supplementing lab, IT, library and sports facilities.
  • We will be responsible for recruitment and skill up gradation of all teachers.
  • We will support the school in enhancing student intake and collections through branding, marketing and improved school facilities.
  • A mutually beneficial commercial contract between the Trust and Pearson Education Services can be worked out. Periodic audits
  • Performance monitoring & management
  • Providing cost effective systems of education
  • Advise on continual education.
  • Training of Principal
  • Training of teachers
  • Training of administrative staff in school ethos
  • Conducting in-service workshops for staff 
  • Conducting workshops for students on a variety of topics.

New School Setup

  • Overall design of school
  • School architecture and interior decor
  • Future extension plans
  • School ergonomics
  • School management involves
  • Project planning branding
  • Business models
  • Financial models
  • Overall physical aspects and academic support of the school
  • Building school governance manuals
  • Overall school administration
  • Academic Management System

How our Advisory Board Work

The responsibilities for the school Advisory Board are:

  • Assisting the schools in recognizing the latest needs of the industry and their respective profession.
  • Advice on the existing and proposed programmes taught in school and ensures that the curriculum and equipment in the school are in accordance with the best professional and educational practice.
  • Encouraging and assisting interaction between staff and school.
  • Identifying opportunities for consultancy and continuing Professional Development (CPD) training by the school and encourage their use by industry.
  • Promoting Collaboration and research between the school and industry.

Benefit to Management

The school management can reap several benefits from this programme, some of which are as follows

  • Significant upside from unlocking of school's inherent potential
  • Improved student intake and collections
  • Upgraded school facilities and infrastructure
  • Professional management of school
  • Emerge as top school of choice in a city
  • Continuous skill up gradation
  • Exposure to the latest thinking and research in curriculum and pedagogy
  • Efficient and effective interaction with parents
  • Association with a premier education brand

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