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K-12 STEM Learnings Pvt Ltd is an initiative to make a difference in the school education system, we are grounded with the fact that “life starts at schools” & Classrooms & Teachers play a pivotal role in shaping the life of a student. Equipping them with right kind of skills for personal development shall invariably leads to well groomed students & responsible citizens. By understanding these facts we need to improvise the classrooms & education system for leading in 21st century by understand this fact K-12 STEM starts working for improving Human capital through quality education & development. We help individuals to realize their unique potential through our School Programs, Trainings & School Networks


Our Portfolio includes

  • STEM Innovation Lab: A unique program offer Hands on Science Activities for School Children’s to learn Science Practically in the classroom.
  • STEM Guru: A very unique Teacher Training program for Individuals & Teachers to enhance & improve from the "Art of Telling" to "Art of Teaching"
  • STEM Global School: We act as a consultant to local entrepreneurs who wish to set up K-12 schools & provide end to end Education Management & Advisory Services by this extensive experience in understanding education & learning we starts working with existing schools to improve their students outcomes & efficiency through School Management Services
  • STEM Kits for Kids: The Do It Yourself (DIY) kits help the students to build models & understand science beyond the classrooms.

We are the Central’s India fastest growing company focuses on STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) education through Hands on learning our entire approach has been designed to help children develop critical thinking abilities – application of theory, exploration of different scenarios, deepen conceptual understanding and relate to real-life application and gives invaluable lessons to a child which would be useful throughout the child’s life. We are actually preparing our children for the real life which is not just an option in today’s world but a necessity.


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